Countdown to the 110th CYC Race
to Mackinac - July 21, 2018


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The Race to Mackinac Committee

The Race to Mackinac Committee is a committee of active Chicago Yacht Club member-volunteers. The committee represents the club as the Race Organizing Authority and is led by the chairman. The committee planning process is a 12 months long and accounts for thousands of volunteer hours.

The chairman of the Mackinac Committee is appointed by the Commodore of Chicago Yacht Club and approved by the flag officers.  The chairman has extensive on-the-water experience with offshore yacht racing. Other Committee members are appointed by the Chairman.

The 2016-2017 Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac Committee consists of the following members of the Chicago Yacht Club

  • Don Maxwell, Chair
  • Steve Dorfman, Vice Chair
  • Dan Gabriel, Vice Chair
  • Sarah Renz, Vice Chair
  • Olof Andersson- PRO
  • Ron White - Chief Measurer
  • Lisa Curcio-Gaston, Chief Inspector
  • Fred Hagedorn, Chief Judge
  • Mark Croll
  • Tom Falck
  • Matt Gallagher
  • Helle Getz
  • Don Glasell
  • David Hughes
  • Ted Jones
  • Lloyd Karze4n
  • Cate Muller
  • Jim Murray
  • Shawn O'Neill
  • Nancy Snyder
  • Christopher Thomas
  • Lindy Thomas
  • Jack Tolliver
CYC Staff:
Jay Kehoe, On-the-Water DIrector
Elizabeth Dust, Regatta Manager
Together, these volunteers and many other CYC member volunteers dedicate thousands of volunteer hours towards making the Race a success

History of the Mac Committee

Considering the number of times that there has been a Mackinac Race, the appointment of a chairman of the Mackinac Race Committee is a quite recent process.  In 1965-1967, John D. Kinsey, a member of the Race Committee, was named Assistant Chief Observer of the Mackinac Race.  Mr. Kinsey accompanied the fleet to Mackinac aboard the Coast Guard Cutter, a "standing only" position, there being no chairs aboard.

In 1971, Richard S. Latham, Commodore in 1967-68, was appointed Special Regatta Committee Chairman.

The first appearance of a Mackinac Committee Chairman was in 1972, about the time of fiberglass boats gaining popularity. Mark H. Baxter became the first chairman. Since then, there have been 21 chairs to lead the organizing committee for the venerable classic race up Lake Michigan.

1972-73                    Mark H. Baxter
1974-76                    Philip A. Watson
1977-78                    Mark H. Baxter
1979                         Ralph B. Dainty
1980                         Dr. John Bergan & Sumner M. Sollitt, co-chairs
1981-82                    Jack B. Gable
1983-85                    Mark A. Landwer
1986-88                    Richard F. Wharton
1989-90                    Mark A. Landwer
1991-93                    Jeffrey H. Monger
1994-95                    Ann Moorman
1996-98                    George Wolf
1999-00                    Ronald E. White
2001                         Shawn P. O'Neill
2002-03                    Michael P. Bucklo
2004-05                    Richard H. Lillie, Jr.
2006-07                    Robert Smith
2008-09                    Gregory J. Miarecki
2010-11                    Gregory P. Freeman
2012-13                    Louis Sandoval
2014-15                    Matthew R. Gallagher
2016-17                    Don Maxwell
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