2018 Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac

Trophy Assignments


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Divisional and First to Finish Trophies

Mackinac Cup Large Boat 1st overall (corrected time)
Chicago Mackinac Trophy Small Boat 1st overall (corrected time)
Vanena Cup Cruising Division 1st overall (corrected time)
Manitou Passage Trophy Multihull Division 1st overall (corrected time)
Royono Trophy First to Finish, Monohull Racing Division
Martin D. Rieck Trophy First to Finish, Multihull Division
Ile Aux Galets Cup First to Finish, Cruising Division
Sheldon Clark -Aaron DeRoy Trophy Best corrected time, Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac and Bayview Race to Mackinac
Point Betsie Trophy Winner Yacht Club Challenge

2018 Section Trophies


Note: Section Trophies are rotated annually

David W Howell Memorial Trophy Turbo Section (corrected time)
Ogden Trevor McClurg Trophy Section 1 (corrected time)
James O. Heyworth Trophy Section 2 (corrected time)
Harold L. Ashton Trophy Farr 40 Section (one design)
Edward M. Mills Trophy Section 3 (corrected time)
Theodore M. Dunlap Trophy J111 Section (one design)
Tom Neill Trophy Section 4 (corrected time)
George Owens Clinch Trophy J120 Section (one design)
Chicago - Harbor Springs Trophy
Section 5 (corrected time)
John D. Kinsey Memorial Trophy Beneteau 40.7 Section (one design)
Lindy Thomas Trophy J109 Section (one design)
Schooner Trophy Section 6 (corrected time)
Big Sable Trophy Section 7 (corrected time)
Commodore George Warrington Trophy J105 Section (one design)
Col. R. H. Morse Trophy Beneteau 36.7 Section (one design)
Jack Ritchie Memorial Trophy Section 8 (corrected time)
James R. Offield Trophy T10 Section (one design)
Thomas H. Webb Trophy Section 9 (corrected time)
Fred A. Price Trophy Section 10 (corrected time)
Manitou Passage Trophy Multihull (corrected time) (division and section)
Lynn A. Williams Trophy Cruising Section 1 (corrected time)
Little Sable Trophy Cruising Section 2 (corrected time)
Past Commodores' Trophy Cruising Section 3 (corrected time)
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