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Getting the most out of your ORR rating for the upcoming 2018 CYC Mac Race

By Bjorn Johnson

Executive Director, Offshore Racing Association

Ideas from the Offshore Racing Association (ORA) owner of the Offshore Racing Rule (ORR)

Spring is almost here and everyone is concentrating on getting their crew set, the boat ready, bottom prepped, sails tweaked and scheduling practice days. During this hectic time here are some more things to consider for getting the most performance out of your boat and having the most fun on the race course while sailing fast.

·       Sign up early to get the boat measured if you need to be measured or re-measured make sure you have the mast weighed if it is out of the boat.  It helps to have the correct mast weight for the most accurate ORR rating.

·       Declare your actual crew weight on the certificate as it will aid in getting you the correct rating assessment and the most accurate ORR rating.

·       Maximize fun and get an ORR Performance Package – This package will help you sail your boat to its rated potential. It is fun maximizing the performance and it helps you and your crew be better sailors. ORR Performance Packages interfaces your boat’s polars with your electronics, and it works with your routing software and puts your boat’s target speeds right on the screen.  If you play it right, it ups your chances for some silver when boat performance is maximized.

·       Sail inventory -- Look at the historical wind trends of the race and take an assessment of the sails you might want to leave home.  The ORR rating assessment is based on the largest sail you are carrying in that category. The ORR rule does not penalize your changes; it assesses what you have declared on board for that particular race. Think about what will make your boat go fast on that particular race course with the historical conditions in mind. Watch the weather and make an informed decision if you might need that sail. If you don’t think you will use it then leave it home. Ask the question of yourself or sailmaker as to which sails to bring.  Ask your sailmaker if your boat might benefit from a Large Roach Headsail (LRH).  Not all boats can use them. effectively

·       Run a trial certificate as it helps in making the proper assessment of sail selection for that particular race

·       Practice sail handling, steering technique, getting to top speed quickly, making smart decisions, and have fun doing it by getting better!.  Remember as the Wizard says -"fast is fun"

·       Maximize performance for the most fun

·       When in doubt ask questions.  The place to start is  and we  can point you in the right direction or give you answers about the ORR handicap system or connect you with race officials that can help


            Sail safe, sail fast, and have fun!   ORA and ORR is here for you!



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