GPS Tracking via YB Tracking

Each boat racing is equipped with a YB Tracking satellite tracker from that sends boat GPS information (location, speed, and direction) every 15 minutes and displays the location and track on the race course.  There are two ways to see the live tracking:

From Your Computer

Tracking for this year’s race is available on the web at


Ensure that your computer has a relatively recent (2012 or later) browser installed, such as Internet Explorer 10 or later, Google Chrome 23 or later, Firefox 20 or later, or Safari 6 or later.


For low bandwidth links, please visit https://yb.tl/links/chicagomack2018 for all available options.

From Your Phone or Tablet

For the best experience on your mobile device (iOS or Android), download the free app.


"Buy" the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac in the YB Tracking app. The Race will available to download the race on Thursday of race week.  The race will be available at no charge to our fans and friends; the Mac is covering the cost of it.




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