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A critically important part of doing the Mac is doing it safely. We would like to provide these safety resources for our skippers and crew to enable them to better educate themselves about this critical aspect of our sport.

Starting in 2019, Safety at Sea Training is required for at least 50% of all competing sailors as well as 100% of minor crew members. Find available courses through USSailing. Please see the Notice of Race for details. Additionally, all competitors should consider taking First Aid / CPR Courses, available through your local Red Cross.

Please check back here frequently as we add more safety resources.

    2019 Safety Information

    2018 and Prior Years' Safety Information

Safety Thursday Emails

From 2012 through 2015, the CYC Mac Committee sent out a series of email newsletters callled "Safety Thursday" to competitors covering various safety topics.  Unless otherwise indicated they were written by past Mac chair Matt Gallagher. These are informational only - all sailors should comply with all applicable governmental and race regulations and receive appropriate safety training.





April 17 2014: PFDs

May 1 2014: Weather Part I

May 8 2014: Weather Part II

July 2 2014: Hypothermia




March 21 2013: Introduction to Safety Thursday 2013

March 28 2013: Safety at Sea Classes

Special Issue: Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning, by Mario Vittone

April 11 2013: Prerace inspections

April 18 2013: PFDs

April 25 2013: First Aid and Ditch Bags

May 2 2013: EPIRBs and PLBs

May 10 2013: Tethers and Jacklines

May 23 2013: Fire

May 30 2013: Weather Resources (pt. 1)

Special Issue Skippers Only: June 6 2013: Insurance

June 6 2013: VHF Radio and DSC

June 13 2013: Nautical Charts

June 20 2013: Weather Resources (pt. 2)

June 27 2013: Crew overboard

July 2 2013: Coast Guard "Cardinal Points" for 2013 Race to Mackinac



May 17 2012: DSC Radios

May 24 2012: EPIRB and PLB

May 31 2012: AIS

June 7 2012: Life Rafts

June 14 2012: A word from the US Coast Guard

June 21 2012: Person-in-Charge

June 21 2012: PFDs

June 28 2012: First Aid Kits and Ditch Bags

July 6 2012: Personal Safety Knives

July 12 2012: Tethers and Harnesses

All materials on our Safety page including all PDFs linked from this page, unless otherwise indicated, are (c) The Chicago Yacht Club and its Race to Mackinac Committee. These materials may be shared under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license. They may not be modifed and must be shared in their entirety.
We encourage you to share this with others in the offshore racing and sailing communities, subject to this copyright.
The materials on this page are offered without any warranty of any kind and all sailors should ensure that their own vessal fully complies with all applicable governmental and Race-related safety requirements. All sailors should be properly trained and experienced to handle the conditions faced. All sailor should take appropriate safety training and education.
Per RRS 1.4, the decision of a competior to participate in a race or continue racing is his or hers alone.
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